Watching last Thusday's post on Amul I realized something I'd never thought of before: I never wear white in winter!! It's weird because it's one of my favourite colours and I have loads of white clothes that I constatnly wear in summer buuuut never in winter - always sticking to black, grey and other darker colours. Why is that? I don't know, I think it's kind of an automatic reflex, it's as if I shouldn't look at whiter colours when it gets cold :) But looking how it beautifully suits Gala in the images below I think I should definitely give white a try. Oh and the Sandro coat she's wearing... super beautiful too!!

Gala González - Amlul

Gala González - Amlul



Hello everyone!! it's been a while I know... but let's get to the point! I'm not a huge Beyonce fan, although I must say I like most of her songs... but last week I came upon a picture of her in her instagram account and I was like... OH MY GOD! She was wearing this absolutely beautiful champagne-colored Naeem Khan Resort 2014 beaded gown!! OK, it showed off plenty of cleavage but... isn't she stunning?? I love everything about her look: makeup, hair, jewelry...10 points :) (BTW she's the one on the right!, she was attending her mum's 60th masquerade-themed birthday!) 



If you read fashion magazines you will have long noticed that tartan is a fashion trend this year: nearly every store is doing their take this autumn! My latest acquisition from Zara is this gorgeous checked soft scarf (17,95€). Believe me: it's suuuper soft!! It's also quite big - and long - so it will come really handy when it gets cold here in Madrid so I can wrap myself up in it as if it were a blanket :) This will be my first autumn in Madrid... They sat it gets really cold here, much more than in Barcelona... Better be prepared for it!!


Hello!!! I guess most of you read "Bridget Jones Diary" (Helen Fielding) 14 years ago - OMG has it been that long?! I must confess I watched the film first and then I read the book 3 years later. It was one of my first books on English so I had to stop and look up words in the Collins Dictionary all the time... But I liked it! Not my fave book but it was something different. I bought it in Paris while doing the Interrail with my friends the summer before University (sigh!)... Those were really good times ;-)

So back to the book! I was so excited to discover there's a new Bridget book coming soon: "Mad about the boy" will be published on 10 October 2013.

Which are the main differences? Well, the  first one is that there's a  baby in it (the "boy" in the title is probably her son: Helen Fielding revived Bridget for a series of columns in The Independent 7 years ago - the story concluded with her having a baby boy with Daniel Cleaver and inspired a third film which is due to be shot this year). Then there's Social Media: Bridget is no longer writing her diary but a blog, and is using Facebook and Twitter as well! And of course look at her in the cover of the book: she is skinny!! So maybe she is not counting calories any more :)

You can pre order your book in Amazon now. Enjoy your day!!



I recently found this beautiful photo series  online called "Sugar Series" by Emily Blincoe (@thuglifeforevs). I wanted to share it with you all because it's fascinating to admire isn't it? Actually I think it would look lovely as a print collection at home :) You can buy them here (thesewoods.com). Yummy!!


I recently found this beautiful photo series  online called "Sugar Series" by Emily Blincoe (thuglifeforevs). I wanted to share it with you all because it's fascinating to admire isn't it? Actually I think it would look lovely as a print collection at home :) 



Hello!! What do you usually have your tea/coffee with? I like eating something "solid" with my morning coffee and afternoon tea, but of course I can't have cakes, muffins or chocolate cookies everyday :( So I eat Krispolls instead! Have you ever tried them?

My parents have bought Krisprolls for years. It's a Swedish product - you know I love Sweden! It's a crunchy and delicious toast, fresh and healthy, great to dip in your tea and perfect as a midday snack. You can top it up with almost everything: butter, ham, cream cheese, nutella,... I love its taste and crunchiness. 90 calories for 2 pieces. Enjoy!!!

PS What I love most about this product is that it's soooo satiating! I have just 2 Krisprolls and have enough energy until midday ;-)



OK so the truth is summer is actually coming to an end so I guess I should have written this post in early June if I really wanted it to be useful... So you could have followed my recommendations and read these books while on holidays!! Anyway, I do believe we should read all year round so today I'm sharing you 2 books I've TRULY enjoyed reading this summer - and I have read half a dozen, so these are really good, they are probably in my top15... Time will say!

First comes a book that hasn't been published in English... Yet. It would be something like "The truth about Harry Quebert's case", by Joël Dicker (I've attached a pic of him because I find him very cute, and he's only 28). 30 years ago, in a beautiful little town in New Hampshire, a 15 year old girl alled Nola goes missing. The book tells her story. If you love crime & mistery books you will love it. It's the book everyone's talking about, go read it before it becomes a world wide bestseller. I bet Hollywood will turn it into a big movie in no time!

My second recommendation is for one of my fave writers ever: Lisa Jewell. I have read all of her books, starting with the unforgettable "Ralph's party". Many people name her a "chick lit" author but the truth is her writing has evolved as she  has grown older - wow, or maybe as I've grown older as well! Mind you, I love chick lit and I jump at anyone who dares critizise these kind of books! But sometimes I like to read something different and Lisa's talent to develop so compelling stories is so big that she has a top-top place in my list of fave authors in the world :) Her latest novel, "The house we grew up in" is just amazing. It's about family, about the past and the present, about forgiveness, about life in general and feelings in particular. You literally can't stop reading. Beautiful.

I hope you will be able to trust me and give these books the opportunity they deserve :) 


Don't you think this gold iPhone case is absolutely beautiful?!! I'm in love :) In case anyone feels the same, it's available in Harrods Technology (third floor).



As I've said many times before, I love doing my nails, though I must say I'm not an expert. I love going to beauty salons (I recently posted about my super great experience in The Pink Peony Salon in Barcelona!!) but I'd love to be able to do a perfect manicure myself at home. Not only because of the price (a girl needs some treats!) but also becaue I actually like doing my nails and buying new nail varnishes. I enjoy giving time to myself to paint my nails and read a book while doing so, it's peaceful and relaxing :)

Painting your nails is an art and it requires certain skills: patience, accuracy, no shaky hands and... patience again! In my opinion, the most important thing is having enough time ahead of you. But of course having the best nail care products is also a must. Today I'm recommending 3:

  1. Base Coat: to protect, smooth and strenghten your nails. It eliminates chipping and maximazes color. I'm currently using Sephora's 3 in 1 protecting base coat.
  2. Top Coat: prevents smudges while drying to a smooth, high gloss shine. I'm currently using OPI's top coat.
  3. Express drying nail oil: dries your nais ultra fast ands boosts shine. If you are very impatient when it comes to drying your nails (like me!) and you always end up smudging your nails after you paint them, you have to use this product. Inmediately after aplying your top coat you drop 1-2 drops of this oil on your nail and it instantly dries! I'm currently using Sephora's express drying nail oil.
I'm a huge fan of OPI products but I also love SEPHORA: Sephora's price of these nail care products was a third of OPI's price, so obviously I had to try. I bought OPI's top coat because everyone recommended it but for the base and the drying oil I am very satisfied with Sephora. If I ever try OPI's base and oil I will let you know :)

Como ya os he dicho muchas veces, me encanta pintarme las uñas, aunque no os penséis que soy una gran experta ni mucho menos. De hecho me encanta que me las pinten en centros de belleza (hace poco os contaba acerca de mi súper experiencia en The Pink Peony Salon en Barcelona!!) pero me encantaría tener la habilidad de pintármelas a la perfección yo misma en casa. Y ya no sólo por el dinero (al fin y al cabo nos merecemos caprichos también!) sino porque en realidad yo disfruto pintándome las uñas y comprándome colores distintos. Me gusta darme el tiempo necesario y leer un libro o una revista mientras espero a que se sequen, es relajante :)

Yo pienso que pintarse bien las uñas es un arte y requiere de ciertas habilidades: paciencia, precisión, que no te tiemblen las manos... y paciencia de nuevo! Pero lo más importante es sin duda disponer de tiempo suficiente por delante para poder destinar a esto. Sin olvidarnos claro está de tener los mejores productos para el cuidado de las uñas. Hoy os recomiendo 3:

  1. Base: para proteger, suavizar y fortalecer las uñas. Elimina los defectos y desconchados de la uña y maximiza el color. Actualmente uso la base 3 en 1 de Sephora.
  2. Top Coat: fantástico! Capa protectora que evite que se te levante el esmalte con los golpes o las rozaduras. También da brillo. Actualmente uso el Top Coat de OPI.
  3. Aceite de secado express: permite que las uñas se sequen súper rápido y realza el brillo. Si como yo eres muy impaciente cuando toca dejar que se sequen las uñas y siempre se te acaban emborronando y manchando porque no puedes evitar ponerte a hacer otras cosas antes de que estén totalmente secas, tienes que usar este producto. Justo después de aplicar el Top Coat ya puedes ponerte 1 o 2 gotas de este aceite y se seca de inmediato! Actualmente utilizo el aceite de secado express de Sephora.
Soy muy fan de los productos OPI aunque también me encanta SEPHORA: de hecho, el precio de los productos anteriores de Sephora era un tercio del precio de los de OPI, así que obviamente tenía que probarlos. Sí que me compré el Top Coat de OPI porque todo el mundo lo recomendaba muchísimo, pero para la base y el aceite de secado rápido tengo los de Sephora, y la verdad es que estoy contenta. Si algún día pruebo estos prodcutos pero de OPI os lo cuento :)