1 nov 2012


El otro día mi amiga Inma de Love, Chocolate and Weddings me impartió un taller exprés de corte y confección para enseñarme a coser mi propio neceser :) Nunca en la vida había utilizado una máquina de coser, pero la experiencia fue divertidísima. Tiene cajas llenas de retales de todo tipo de telas entre las que pude escoger las que más me gustaron. Con esto, una cremallera, un rotulador especial que se borra, alfileres y la máquina de coser, nos quedaron 2 neceseres estupendos!! Gracias Inma, serías una profe fantástica ;-)


The other day my fiend Inma from Love, Chocolate and Weddings invited me over to an express crafting workshop at her house and I learned how to sew my own toiletry bag :) I'd never used a sewing machine before, but it was the most amazing experience. She's got lots of boxes filled with gorgeous pieces of fabric and  I could choose the ones I liked the most. With the fabric, a zipper, a marker, some pins and the sewing machine, we produced two wonderful toiletry bags! Thanks Inma, you'd make a good teacher!

8 comentarios:

  1. OLée Qué guay nena!! La verdad es que nos lo pasamos genial y estás hechas unas master & commanders de la máquina de coser. Cuando queráis repetimos ;)


  2. Very nice! I like the owl - so cute.

  3. Oh my goodness you made that on your first ever try at sewing... GORGEOUS job! Love it! I look forward to following your blog!

  4. Que divertido! They turned out great :)

  5. I wish one of my friends organized a craft workshop. This one looks really fun, and I'd love to make a cute bag like yours. That owl is just adorable.


  6. That is such a cute bag, Great work! I can't believe that is your first time to sew, definitely you have the skills. Sewing is my weakness, glad you enjoy the experienced.:)


  7. nice work!! i wish i could sew but i'd end up sewing my finger to whatever i was making. i know i said it before but i really love your blog, especially the fac that it's in spanish and english - i'm attempting to learn spanish as spain is my favourite country!