27 dic 2012


Hace días que no os enseñaba mis favoritos de la semana... Pasadas las fiestas navideñas vuelvo a la carga, esta vez con una selección de 5 de las cosas más bonitas que he visto estos días. ¡Espero que os gusten! Ah... y si estáis empachados de tanto comer y, como a mi, aun os quedan 10 días de vacaciones en los que seguro segurísimo seguiréis picoteando turrones, polvorones, queso y demás... os doy un consejo: nada mejor que cenar piña natural. La podéis comprar natural o ya en rodajas en el supermercado (ojo, que sea en su jugo, no en almíbar). Es diurética y antioxidante, baja en calorías y rica en fibra!!

Y quizás pronto algunas de estas cositas estarán de rebajas en breve... ¡ojito!

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I haven't shared my favourite picks of the week for quite a few days... But I'm back on track! These are the 5 cutest things I've found this week, hope you like them :) And I have a tip for those of you (like me!) who feel sick of having eaten so much these past Christmas days and could do with some healthy food from now on! I still have 10 days left until I go back to work, and I will probably eat everything that's left in the kitchen so my recommendation is to eat pineapple for dinner (the natural fruit or canned). It's very digestive and diuretic and also helps to diminish your appetite!

mmm maybe some of these cute things will be on sale soon... ! Fingers crossed :)

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Chalkboard Spiced Jar from Anthropologie
Levis Made and Crafted tribal pattern 

Olivia and Me triangle ring, gold plated

Twist a Twill wool plaids by Ratzer made in Denmark
Högänas tea pot with wooden saucer

Pineapple :)

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  1. Aww thank you so much for your comment...I'm glad you like my blog! :) Those are all so cute, I love the ring! Hope you had an amazing Christmas! xx


  2. The scarves are lovely, so many colours too! Love it! x

  3. Me encantan los botes, son ideales!!!
    Los pañuelos son monísimos!!!


  4. Los pañuelos son preciosos!! La tetera es monísima!!

    Hoy en el blog: The last night, looks!!

  5. I was just at Anthropologie yesterday and debating whether I should buy them or not!! They are just so cute!

  6. I love the spice jars! Those are precious!