26 ago 2013


Hello!! What do you usually have your tea/coffee with? I like eating something "solid" with my morning coffee and afternoon tea, but of course I can't have cakes, muffins or chocolate cookies everyday :( So I eat Krispolls instead! Have you ever tried them?

My parents have bought Krisprolls for years. It's a Swedish product - you know I love Sweden! It's a crunchy and delicious toast, fresh and healthy, great to dip in your tea and perfect as a midday snack. You can top it up with almost everything: butter, ham, cream cheese, nutella,... I love its taste and crunchiness. 90 calories for 2 pieces. Enjoy!!!

PS What I love most about this product is that it's soooo satiating! I have just 2 Krisprolls and have enough energy until midday ;-)

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