31 ago 2013


Hello!!! I guess most of you read "Bridget Jones Diary" (Helen Fielding) 14 years ago - OMG has it been that long?! I must confess I watched the film first and then I read the book 3 years later. It was one of my first books on English so I had to stop and look up words in the Collins Dictionary all the time... But I liked it! Not my fave book but it was something different. I bought it in Paris while doing the Interrail with my friends the summer before University (sigh!)... Those were really good times ;-)

So back to the book! I was so excited to discover there's a new Bridget book coming soon: "Mad about the boy" will be published on 10 October 2013.

Which are the main differences? Well, the  first one is that there's a  baby in it (the "boy" in the title is probably her son: Helen Fielding revived Bridget for a series of columns in The Independent 7 years ago - the story concluded with her having a baby boy with Daniel Cleaver and inspired a third film which is due to be shot this year). Then there's Social Media: Bridget is no longer writing her diary but a blog, and is using Facebook and Twitter as well! And of course look at her in the cover of the book: she is skinny!! So maybe she is not counting calories any more :)

You can pre order your book in Amazon now. Enjoy your day!!

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