26 ene 2014


Watching last Thusday's post on Amul I realized something I'd never thought of before: I never wear white in winter!! It's weird because it's one of my favourite colours and I have loads of white clothes that I constatnly wear in summer buuuut never in winter - always sticking to black, grey and other darker colours. Why is that? I don't know, I think it's kind of an automatic reflex, it's as if I shouldn't look at whiter colours when it gets cold :) But looking how it beautifully suits Gala in the images below I think I should definitely give white a try. Oh and the Sandro coat she's wearing... super beautiful too!!

Gala González - Amlul

Gala González - Amlul

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  1. Hi Anna! I just found your blog while researching for my upcoming trip to Barcelona. I wanted to leave a note and thank you for all your great suggestions of places to visit. And your blog in general is wonderful - love your style!
    - Samantha