26 may 2014


It takes me 3 hours a day to commute to work. Time that I spend walking, in the underground and in the company's shuttle bus that travels the 60km distance gap between Barcelona's city center and the office. Not bad, eh ;-) I've been working here for the past 2 months and I've experienced the typical commuter crazyness: at first I thought it wouldn't be that bad, that it was easy to complain but you could actually use this time doing useful things like reading, thinking or listening to music. Then I started dreading it. Such a complete waste of time, when everyone knows time is precious!! But I also realized it was not only me: tons of people spend hours commuting to work, at least I'm not driving my own car and I can comfortably relax and enjoy the ride while I whatsapp with my friends, read the newspaper or watch TED videos... 

But I missed the city vibes terribly. This last year has been a bit of a turmoil for me: I left Barcelona for Madrid, where I worked for 8 months - living in a hotel on weekdays and flying to Barcelona each weekend to be with my family and friends. Then I realized I couldn't stand it anymore and I had to choose whether I wanted to live in Barcelona or Madrid. And I chose Barcelona. Found a job in the fashion industry, working for one of the biggest retail companies in the world, and happily came back. 

And then something weird happened. It was suposed to be a joyful new stage in my life. I was so excited and kept giving thanks everyday for having this great opportunity. I wanted to like the job so badly.

But things did not click. It was not what I had expected. And if you are honest to yourself this is something you instantly realize. Of course we should give things a chance (not only work related but also in our personal relationships, this would be another thing to discuss some day...) but I believe we should be true to ourselves and never settle if we feel it's not enough.

And that's what I did. The minute I realized I didn't love this job and I wasn't happy I knew I had to move forward. "Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you'll land among the stars" is my mantra :) 

So today is my last Monday working for this company. I will always be grateful for the opportunity I was given, but my heart was not in it and I couldn't force it. The sooner you realize what you really want, the better - because it means you can start working on it!! 

I'll tell you about my new job soon. Of course I have a very good feeling about it and I won't let this past experience overshadow my excitement, but at the same time I want to take things slowly :)

Today I used my commuting time writing this post. I hadn't blogged for a long time and I realized I terribly missed it! I'm sorry for writing this long ... I felt I needed to come clean and get it out of my chest!! 

What about you? Does it take you a long time to get to the office as well? Have you ever considered quitting your job? Do you ever feel you are not doing what you love? 

Have a wonderful day everyone!!! Talk to you soon ;-) 

this is me during my commute ride to the office

I love this print from the amazing The Every Girl website 
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7 comentarios:

  1. La vida está para tomar riesgos y ser feliz, sobretodo cuando se es joven y se puede experimentar para encontrar el camino que queremos seguir (esto ha quedado demasiado de gurú espiritual baratero, pero juro que no XD). Mi chico y yo vivimos un momento similar y te comprendo perfectamente...Yo aún estoy en ese momento amargo en la vida donde no sé realmente donde quiero estar profesionalmente y en plena crisis la situación general no ayuda. Es bonito ver que hay gente que ha superado eso y sigue aventurandose para encontrar su lugar así que olé tú, te deseo de corazón lo mejor.

    Un besote enorme!!

  2. gracias Elena :) tienes toda la razón. y espero que encuentres tu camino :) :)

  3. good post Anna! I just wish you all the best in this new amazing job you mention. Regarding your current job, this is just another experience you enjoyed (or not) and you learnt from it.

    I won't meet you again at the airport but hope to meet you again elsewhere


  4. thanks for your comment Ruben, wish you all the best :) Petons!!!!

  5. Creo que sé que empresa dejas así que con más razón aún, eres una valiente! Imagino que para hacerlo lo has tenido que tener claro clarísimo y aunque te sobran consejos, déjame decirte que por lo que comentas la decisión es la correcta! Seguro que te irá genial! Yo también creo en lo de avanzar y no quedarse estancado en algo que no te gusta.
    Yo de momento tengo suerte, tengo un trabajo que me gusta y que encima no me cae lejos por lo que no pierdo mucho tiempo en desplazarme. No puedo decir que sea mi trabajo soñado pero en cuanto lo vea me lanzo a por él! Quién sabe no? ;-))

    1. gracias Raquel :) espero que sea así, la decisión correcta! un abrazo y mucha suerte!!