24 jun 2014


Hello! I just returned from a 4 day break in Ibiza & Formentera, 2 small jewels part of the Balearic islands in the Mediterranean sea in Spain. Today I wanted to give you some recommendations on Ibiza, short but simple, in case you're planning to go there soon. The truth is that the island has become famous for the association with nightlife and electronic music, being well known for its summer club scene which attracts a large number of tourists... But of course there's another side of Ibiza, one that you should definitely discover and that will take your breath away. There's more to Ibiza than clubbing! So here goes a short list of my personal recommandions!

- Where to stay: Agroturismo Can Pere Sord. Featuring an outdoor swimming pool, this hotel is set in a 19th century house in the Ibizan country side. It's a 9 rooms agroturism hotel located in the north of the island, a 25 minute drive from the airport, and surrounded by gardens, lemon trees and the forest. They serve a magnificent breakfast with local food. I absolutely loved the place, and don't be fooled for the location because everything is handy if you have a car and the most beautiful small towns, restaurants, shops and hidden beaches are just 15 minutes away! I didn't even go to Ibiza town this time, I just relaxed and explored the countryside instead :) 

- A beautiful town: Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera. At the geographical heart of the island, Santa Gertrudis is a bohemian village where many artists, sculptors and musicians have settled over the years. You will find bars, restaurants, shops, galleries... all surrounded by sheep, goats and cows. 

- Best day-time plan: stop at your nearest mini market (there are plenty of them scattered around the island, small but offering every thing you might need - and more! - at good prices) and order a take away bocadillo (sandwich with real bread filled with either cheese or cold meat and olive oil) and then head to the beach! I went to Las Salinas because I love white sand beaches but of course there are hundreds to choose from ;-) I recommend buying your own food at the supermarket (and plenty of water and fresh fruit) not only because it's cheaper but also because it's practical and everyone decides when to eat and then you can just go on sunbathing without having to stop and go somewhere to eat... and trust me, they prepare excellent bocadillos!! 

- Best shop: it has to be, without a doubt, Sluiz! It's a super creative, huge concept store located on the road that goes to Sant Josep village selling almost everything: clothing, furniture, food, bicycles... They even have their own bar/restaurant. It's such an inspiring, colourful and magic place that you will instantly fall in love with it and will regret not having a bigger suitcase with you!

- THE place to go for a drink (or dinner): Bambhudda Bar. Just visit their website or check the pictures below and you will understand. Hidden behind the trees on the Sant Joan Road... 

- The Hippy thing to do: go to Las Dalias Market on Saturday morning. You will find Adlib clothing, costume jewelry, sandalwood, exotic musical instruments, fabrics, little figures, antiques, books... There are many restaurants and some cafés offering cakes and juices. I ended up buying tons of string bracelets :)

I will tell you about Formentera soon :) Have a good day!

the Hotel

lemon trees surrounding the hotel

pool bar at the hotel

breakfast was served inside the house for you to take outside by the pool

I have a soft spot for these mini  markets.. 
... selling the most beautiful straw baskets :)

Sluiz shop

Sluiz shop 
Sluiz shop bar

charming shops in Santa Gertrudis village 
Santa Gertrudis church 
A French restaurant in Santa Gertrudis village

Es Cucons shop in Santa Gertrudis village
Sluiz shop 
Sluiz shop 
Sluiz shop
Santa Gertrudis village 
Las Salinas beach

Las Dalias hippy market 
the bracelets I bought at Las Dalias market :)
cafe at Las Dalias Market 

Bambhudda Bar 
Bambhudda Bar 
Bambhudda bar

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