4 jun 2014


A few weeks ago, there was a survey in a local newspaper asking which was the best place to get the most amazing views of Barcelona. Having lived in the city for the last 30 years I thought I would know the answer... but I didn't! And, as it usually happens, once I read about this place, I found it everywhere: my friends went up there and instagrammed it, I saw a Spanish movie located in Barcelona and I instantly recognized this hidden spot ("Tengo ganas de ti" - I want you), people on the radio recommending it, etc. So of course I decided I should go and check it out...

This place is called "el Bunker": it's an old Spanish Civil War real bunker on top of a hill built in the 30s to protect the city from flight attacks. Believe me, the views are amazing: it gives you a beautiful 360 degree view of the city... and the entrance is free! The best way to arrive is to take the bus (number 24 or 28). The last stop is quite close to the bunker and then you will have to walk a bit. You can find directions here as well.  Enjoy!!!

instead of taking the bus, I decided to walk! I went through Guinardó Park

frame from the movie "Tengo ganas de ti"

frame from the movie "Barcelona nit d'estiu"

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